SWAT model has been popular due to the fact that the model is in the public domain and it has ability to simulate a watershed of any size, from a small watershed of few ha to an area of a large continent. Therefore there is substantial demand from scientific communities to learn about its application in various conditions. The Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia – with support from the Texas SWAT team and WASWAC – is going to organize a SWAT Regional Seminar & SWAT School of Bogor in Bogor, Indonesia from June 27- 29, 2012, aiming to provide a broad knowledge about SWAT to essentially Indonesian scientists and offer an opportunity to forestry officers in watershed management and other scholars who want to learn the model and to those who plan to acquire more advanced knowledge of SWAT. The event will include the launch of the Vegetable Agroforestry Systems in Indonesia book. The meeting has been registered as LANDCON 1206 by WASWAC as the organizing of it will follow the way indicated in the Guidelines for Successful Meetings (2009). 

You can read the details of this event here.

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Khóa tập huấn SWAT tại Bogor, Indonesia (6/2012)

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